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Just Grow is a business advisory and coaching service helping New Zealand’s leading businesses to successfully scale using the Scaling Up framework

Businesses using the Scaling Up methodology can expect significant growth

Business growth

Achieve revenue growth
at 2x the industry average

profit growth

Increase profit at
3x the industry average

value growth

Create value of 10x the
industry average

Over 2700 successful businesses across 6 continents have applied the Scaling Up methodology to significantly outgrow their competition


John has over 30 years’ experience running multiple businesses, including one of New Zealand’s largest construction and property groups. He is a certified Scaling Up coach.


John’s corporate and business career spans multiple family-owned businesses (McConnell Group) in the construction (Hawkins Group), infrastructure (Steelpipe) and property development (McConnell Property) sectors, investment banking in New Zealand (Jarden Group) and on Wall Street (Merrill Lynch) and engineering (NZ Synthetic Fuels, McConnell Dowell).

In John’s experience of running business, “it’s hard work and running them can be a lonely task. There are huge pressures to perform while making judgement calls without all the information.

John says that when asked about their daily pressures, CEOs often tell him: “I am the only one making all the decisions, working 24/7 with never enough time for myself or my family”.

How does it work?

Just Grow dives deep into the 4 key areas of business decision making:


Are the right people, in the right places, doing the right things?

Would you enthusiastically rehire them all?


Can everyone state the business strategy simply?

Is it driving sustainable growth?


Are all processes running without drama?

Are they driving industry-leading profitability?


Do you have consistent sources of cash to fuel your growth?

More than just a skilled
advisor and coach

Governance experience
John has also held independent governance and directorship roles (Cornwall Park, Unitec, Wairaka Land Co).“My governance experience has highlighted the importance of clear decision making and guidance while supporting the CEO and leadership teams through challenge and debate.”

Family-owned business experience
John particularly understands family businesses. ““They have characteristics over and above those of other enterprises; particularly  succession and the roles and aspirations of family members”.

John was motivated to consolidate his 30 years of experience, knowledge and insights to bring a fresh perspective to strengthen and grow businesses. “The results speak for themselves”, says John.

Lunds Joinery

“My business, and I, have benefitted hugely from John’s expertise and structured approach to growth. While running a new, growing, company puts pressure on multiple aspects of the business at once, John’s approach helps to define priorities, and has helped me to simplify my message and direction for our staff.“

Jamie McGregor


"John at Just Grow has been instrumental in helping me form a long-term strategy at Algonaut. With his guidance and applying the Scaling Up methodology, we were able to dig right down into the core essence of my personal and business goals and apply the tools needed to measure and make progress towards these."

Matt Weir

Where do we start?


It starts with a simple conversation to understand your business and what keeps you awake at night.

Industry assessment

What follows is a pre-assessment of your business and where it sits within your industry.

Strategy workshop

This leads to a two day strategy session with the senior leadership team.

Advisor & coach

An ongoing role, to bring alignment of the leadership team to a clear growth strategy and successful execution.

Want to grow your business without the stress?

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